Interviewed by Vladimir Dmitriev

Energy industry determines the viability of any city. Engineering utilities are its circulatory system, that brings water, light, heat to people, and makes our life comfortable. GOC “Teplocentrstroy” works to grow, develop and improve municipal networks, every day confirming its leading position in the construction of technologically complex objects. How the company was founded and how it is positioned in the market today, tells the president of GOC “Teplocentrstroy” Alexey Kim.

Алексей Робертович Ким, ГК

– Alexey Robertovich, this year, the Moscow constructing industry celebrates the 25th anniversary, and the emergence of the company “Teplocentrstroy” had almost the same period of time, because this year you are celebrating its 20th anniversary. What were these years?

– In 1993, a small group of like-minded people decided to try their hands in the construction industry. I began my working career as an electrician and did not have any experience in construction management. I had to learn everything on my own, even to make business calculations. Thanks to the joint efforts, in 1995 our company was noticed – we got a letter of thanks from the hands of the prefect of SZAO for the reconstruction of the heating system in the Pokrovscoe-Streshnevo. It was the first important object, deadlines of which were clearly determined.


We managed and realized that we can continue to work and were on the right path. The next landmark project became our participation in the renovation of the building of the New Opera in the Garden “Hermitage”. In 1997, we won the tender of the Committee of Culture of Moscow, we worked very seriously on this project, reconstructed the central heat supply unit, engineering utilities, installed lighting system and improved landscape. The project was supervised personally by Yuri Luzhkov and the head of constructing industry Vladimir Resin.

– Just in 1998, the event of default took place. How did your company survive?

– At that moment, we have already had a few large projects in progress, in particular, at the end of 1997, we won the tender for the installation of a 7-kilometer electricity power to the Central Bank building on Leninsky Prospekt. In 1998, we installed the engineering utilities to the Central Bank building on Volokolamskoe shosse. There was a slight decline in amount of works at that time, but in general, we did not notice the crisis. This was our first experience in the implementation of electric power facilities. I think, GOC “Teplocentrstroy” is among the three largest companies in the field of electric power facilities construction today. The company is a framework contractor of Moscow cable network and performs important projects for JSC “OEK”. The company’s experts perform works on the electric power supply of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaja Moscow subway line, that is under construction yet and designed and reconstructed electric power networks of the plant “VILS.”

– What major projects have been completed in recent years?

– By request of the Ministry of Defense, we completed a complex construction of the automated boiler room of 210mVt in Balashikha, Moscow region (the general contractor was GOC “Morton”). Having our own design department, that performs a full range of design services, including the electricity power networks design, we in GOC “Teplocentrstroy” are able to perform the work commissioned by JSC “MOESK” – the construction of electric power networks for residential complexes DOMINION, “Champion Park” and academic building №2 of State University of Moscow, named after Lomonosov. The company has successfully completed a number of important projects, including the laying of cable lines of 10 kV at the facilities on ul. Krasnobogatyrskaya and Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaja; built an overhead line (OL) 110 kV Krutyshi – Suvorovo for the needs of Eastern electrical power networks – branch of JSC “MOESK”.


– Are these your main projects?

– Of course, not. For many years, we have been cooperating with “IFSK ARKS” LLC and jointly implementing a major project of rainwater sewerage treatment  plants constructing for integrated development of the territory of the sludge drying beds at Lyubertsy aeration station, where we go ahead of schedule. Commissioned by Ginger Invest rus, we have built a logistics car center GEFCO in the Domodedovo district of Moscow region.

– How does the company develop its activities in the regions?

– We work on sufficiently large projects throughout Russia. We implement projects in Bryansk, Tambov, Lipetsk and Leningrad regions. This year, the company’s experts have completed a number of large projects as part of the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. Commissioned by JSC “FSK EES”, we completed construction and installation and commissioning of the projects: “Cable lines (110 kV) from the substation “Ledovyi Dvorez” to the substation “Vremennaja (Reservnaja)”; “Cable and overhead lines (110 kV) in the Imereti lowland” connecting the three substations – “Psou”, “Imereti” and “Ledovyi Dvorez”. In the Krasnodar region, commissioned by “Kubanenergo”, we continue the reconstruction of electric power lines (110 kV) of 22 km as a cable overhead lines, as well as the construction and reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV distribution networks for Krasnopolyansky and Khostinsky electricity power networks.

– Do the Olympic projects have higher requirements?

– GOC “Teplocentrstroy” has all the necessary permits for the realization of the most complex and important projects in engineering and energy infrastructure. In December of 2012, as part of the “Russian Constructing Olympus” prize, GOC “Teplocentrstroy” was awarded the honorary title of “Leader in the design and construction of electric power facilities.” Today in Sochi we have completed eight projects. The most difficult of them is the construction of a 110 overhead line on polyhedral supports in very difficult landscape conditions. The project provides the replacement of existing supports with the lattice ones, as well as with the new generation supports, implemented on the basis of polyhedral steel racks. There are some structures that require to be filled with 150 cubic meters of concrete and to be installed at the bored piles, as they are located on the landslide areas and must withstand high wind and snow loads.

– What direction do you consider as the main for your company: water supply, heating or electricity networks?

– We are engaged in a wide range of engineering services that gives us stability, because we have a few competitors. I believe that this “omnivorousity” gives our company the stability. We do not only construct the projects, but also provide a full range of designing, which is a big advantage for the company. The plans for this year – to expand our presence in the market, to increase work volume in the regions, to improve the used technologies and management system, to reduce the cost of the work, to extend our machines fleet. I would like to point out that over the years, GOC “Teplocentrstroy” has completed more than 200 large-scale projects, and each of them is important to us.

– What would you wish to the city managers, your colleagues and partners in connection with the anniversary of Moscow construction industry?

– I would like to thank all of those who work in the construction industry for the benefit and prosperity of our city. I sincerely wish you inspiration and success in the implementation of the ambitious ideas and projects. Let the modern creations of builders be the objects of admiration and pride in our capital city!