The main component of the success and reliability of the Group of companies “Teplocentrstroy» is experienced, well built, friendly team that brings together more than 500 highly skilled and unique professionals in the industry.

The company makes every effort to make optimal use of potential of their employees, creating an effective system of personnel motivation and professional development, implementation and strengthening of a unified corporate culture.

The company’s management takes an active care of the improvement of working conditions and social welfare of its employees.

We are constantly growing and developing, and so we are pleased to see in our team not only experienced professionals, but also ambitious young people who just started their careers. Come to us for an interview, our doors are always open for you!

Our advantages:

  • The opportunity for career growth and development
  • Education and professional trainings
  • The system of bonuses and promotion for professional achievements of employees
  • Social welfare and other financial compensations in various aspects of social orientation
  • Regular cultural and entertainment events, team building events
  • Organization of children’s parties, preparation of gifts for employees’ children
  • Sporting holidays and “healthy days”, weekly visits to a swimming pool, volleyball and football games; participation in non-professional sporting competitions (football, paintball, etc.).
  • Work in a comfortable modern office
  • Free meals in the Company’s cafe

the title of «Attractive Employer» by SUPERJOB.RU

After successfully working with, the Company was awarded the title of «Attractive Employer», which confirms the reliability of our organization.

A job in GOC «Teplocentrstroy» is a stability and confidence in the future!